The Meetings – a flash poetry story


Saturday  morning

I saw you in the grocery store

Excreting poverty and shame even though

you earned the prestigious degree

Somethings you can’t shake

I know you but

you’re not a friend of mine

Uneasy memories splash and surface

When it mattered and something had to be said

You didn’t come down on my side

did you?

Suddenly I remember gas is going up

and fiddle with my pocketbook

Frozen entrees, glossy and compact

Was there one I liked?

Or was I looking for the perfect bananna?

Meanwhile, Tim is hanging on the wall

black shoe on left foot

right foot bare

He says “it’s too hot and I have to move around allot”

Are you in hell? I innocently ask

He just shrugs and laughs

It was just a few weeks ago

that he passed

I was waiting for the message

now I have it

Will it be enough

to make the changes

I need to make?


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