Star bursting

Star bursting millennials

black socks and white dresses

beards and computer thinking

no need for social graces

remaking the world

Passing the boomers and all their debt

neural networks

deep mind



did you know within five years

they will be able to transplant

a mouse head?

Give me Detroit

and it’s rehabbed houses

artists and

old style community

filled with

earthly humans

no smartphones, TV or other electronic vices

Good food, smokes and talk

Pensions disappearing

Could you make it on your own?

Grow your own food?

Fix your house?

Think for yourself?

The world is dividing

rich / poor

educated / left behind

old / young

liberal / conservative

Keep a eye on Antarctica

somethings brewing there

beneath the melting ICE

loosen up tightly held beliefs

big changes are a coming

Old paradigms

are cracking


all you have

is your belly

to lead you in the right



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