Crow Eclipse II



The crows have been following me for a while now

Appearing often, seemingly randomly

but I know better

They are teaching me

Where ever I go I see them

When I leave on trips they cross my path in salute

When I take walks they are there

When I look up they are near

As the eclipse drew closer I knew something would  happen I just didn’t know what

After the eclipse everything seemed the same

The crows still keeping me company

Then the Change happened

The call came in late afternoon

“Better come on down to the hospital” my sister said “It’s serious now”

“No procedures, I want to die” you said

We acquiesced. It’s your choice and to have freedom to say what happens to you after so many years of limited freedom. It must of been a relief

“I recommend no hydration,” the Dr. said. “Hydration can…

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