Pin Point Eyes


Pin point eyes

Can’t you just try?

It was just an experiment

but the feeling lasted 3 days

Must have been 12 medics involved

Big and brawny, the best America can offer

Some say this country is in decline

More accurately you might say it’s divided

Two coasts and then the middle

Debt is the problem, where will the money come from?

Pin point eyes

I know why

Despair, desperation, no hope

Entertained to death, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon

and more

Everyone wants in – corporations that is

People are checking out

Some say its the WiFi

Causing slow, slow, slow

Cognitive decline

I know what they mean

Pushing buttons, starting into little screens

It used to be staring was a indication of something was wrong

A catatonic state

Now it’s the norm

Who can tell anymore – if your human?


Beautiful biology is the basis of this planet

Someone wants a change

Pin Point Eyes

Don’t make me cry

Wake up and see the


It’s not on the little screen

“it’s free”






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